April 15, 1912: The Day the Titanic Sank
All Stations! Distress! by Don Brown

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Titanic was built by the proud skilled hands of Irish craftsmen and was deemed as the finest ship in transatlantic travel. She boasted luxurious staterooms, excellent restaurants, and a gymnasium with swimming pool. The ship was filled with several glamorous celebrities of that era and also many poor, yet ambitious, steerage class passengers on their way to America for a fresh start at a new life. It was said that "God himself could not sink this ship!" This ominous pronouncement may have been the curse which sent Titanic to her watery grave taking with her more than 1,500 souls including 52 children. The White Star Line was overly confident and thus provided Titanic with only about half of the necessary emergency lifeboats which contributed to the terrible loss of life. It has been ninety-nine years since the Titanic sunk on that fateful April 12th evening. Next year will mark the centennial anniversary of the great sea tragedy.

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Author Bio: Don Brown

Author Website-Don Brown authors and illustrates this book.

photo credit: Derby Historical Society

The Titanic's crew

The newspaper headlines that shocked the world!


bluebonnet_clipart.gifTexas Bluebonnet Book Learning Activities:

**Learn more** about the Titanic-building the ship, the crew, and view documents, photos, and news reports.

Titanic Historical Society Offers interesting information and commemorative memorabilia for purchase.

Listen to Survivors of the Titanic share their survival stories (audio files from BBC Historical Archives).

Watch video and Listen: Titanic eyewitness survivor, Edith Russell, describes watching the giant iceberg as it scraped the side of the Titanic and how a gentleman threw her overboard into a lifeboat which saved her life (BBC Historical Archives).

Watch a simulation of the Sinking of the Titanic

Titanic: A special exhibit from Encyclopedia Britannica

What was it like to try to survive in the icy waters after Titanic began to sink?

**Test Your Titanic I. Q**. How well do you know your Titanic facts? Take this kid friendly quiz to find out!

What is Morse Code?

Read more about the Morse code operators who tried to send out distress signals.

Learn more about Samuel Morse and print out a
Morse code chart at Enchanted Learning
Use the chart to create short messages to share with classmates.

Can You Crack the Code? (activity)
Decipher this message: Using the chart from Enchanted Learning, see if you can crack this three word phrase.
Ms. Murphy is so confident that you will crack the code that she is not even going to provide the answer.

-... --- --- -.- ... | .- .-. . | --. .-. . .- -

Printable Morse code chart for Can You Crack the Code? activity:

Try this fun to use Text to Morse Code converter: Just type in a short message and it will be converted to Morse code for you.

bluebonnet_clipart.gifTexas Bluebonnet Book Curriculum Connections:

Language Arts & Social Studies-

Titanic Time-line-Design a Titanic Time line creating segments for building the ship, launching the ship, the journey,
the sinking, and the discovery of the ship wreck in 1985. List details that you feel might be interesting to others.

Why were so many people wanting to travel on Titanic during its maiden voyage?

What does maiden voyage mean?
What does it mean to be a first class or third class passenger? Research the passengers manifest (list)

DID YOU SURVIVE THE CROSSING? Research Activity: Each student will be assigned a name from a person that either was a passenger or crew member on the R M S Titanic. After hearing an oral reading of All Stations! Distress! and viewing documents and reenactment videos, students will then conduct research to discover if they were a survivor or a victim of the disaster at sea.

"My name is William Murdock. Did I survive the Titanic disaster?"


OPEN the link below to see if you were a survivor or a victim of the R M S Titanic:
A detailed passenger listing by class listing the age of passenger, job held, ticket number, fare paid for passage, and the lifeboat number where they took refuge if they survived.

RMS Titanic Passenger List by passenger class. BOLD text indicates survivors of the tragedy.

View these government archived images of historical documents that detail a partial list of passengers taken aboard the Carpathia, the ship who rushed to assist with the rescue of the passengers and crew of the Titanic.

Write your own Titanic story

Imagine you are a crew member on the Titanic.
Describe your ship duties. Detail what happened to you the night the Titanic sank. Did you survive? If so, how?

Imagine you are a passenger (first or third class) traveling to America on the Titanic.
Why has your family decided to travel on this maiden voyage?
Are you a first class passenger or a third class steerage passenger?
Describe life aboard the ship from the perspective of first or third class passage. How do your accommodations differ?

//**I survived the Titanic**// Read the true life account of twelve-year-old Titanic survivor Ruth Becker.

Create Two Newspaper articles
1-The Launching of the Titanic-Describe how grand the Titanic is and what a passenger can expect to see.
What are people saying about the ship and its construction? Create a "catchy" headline for your story.

2-The Sinking of the Titanic-Imagine you are a newspaper reporter interviewing survivors of the disaster.
What do you think some survivors might share with you? Create a "sensational" headline for your story that will
will make people want to buy your newspaper over a competing newspaper.


What happened to the Titanic after it sank? Where did it go?

Explorer Bob Ballard. a master ship wreck investigator, discovers the Titanic
One of his greatest achievements was the discovery of Titanic on September 1, 1985.
Click here to > learn more about explorer, Bob Ballard

bluebonnet_clipart.gifTexas Bluebonnet Literature Connections

Titanicat by Marty Crisp
Young Jim Mulholland can't believe his good luck: He has signed on as a cabin boy to the world's finest ocean liner, the Titanic, and can't wait for the history-making voyage across the sea to America. As part of his duties Jim is in charge of the ship's cat, a beautiful tortoiseshell that also appears happy to be on board. He calls the cat by the ship's construction number, 4-0-1, certain that she will bring him good luck. And he's delighted when 4-0-1 shortly gives birth to a litter of kittens. But once the ship's trial runs are completed and it's ready to launch to sea, Jim notices that 4-0-1 is nowhere to be found. He's got to find her--the Titanic can't cast off without her lucky cat. Jim is faced with a decision that will affect the rest of his life.

//**Tonight on the Titanic**// by Mary Pope Osborne (link to trivia and more)

The Magic Tree House whisks Jack and Annie away to the decks of that ill-fated ship, the Titanic. There they must help two children find their way to a lifeboat--all while they are in danger of becoming victims of that tragic night themselves.
A research guide companion book is also available for this title.

Click cover to see inside

Exploring the Titanic by Robert D. Ballard
Click on the book cover above to "LOOK INSIDE" this amazing book by explorer, Bob Ballard who held true to his great passion of searching for, and discovering the sunken ship Titanic.

Inside the Titanic by Hugh Brewster
Allows young readers to journey inside the Titanic to view the layout of the great doomed ocean liner, such as the compartments, engine room, upper decks, and more, through detailed, cutaway illustrations.