Squirrel's World


Squirrel's World

by Lisa Moser and illustrated by Valeri Gorbechev

Squirrel is busy, busy, busy. He has to help his tree grow. He has to help the river flow. He has to help all of his forest friends. Squirrel helps Mouse get ten ears of corn and a dozen apples- even though she only asked for one. Squirrel helps Turtle play a new game- even though Turtle just wants to sleep. Squirrel soaks Rabbit trying to get a lily pad from the pond- even though Rabbit dislikes being wet. Just when it seems that all of Squirrel’s help always ends in disaster, he saves the day. He gives Rabbit a firefly so he won’t be afraid of the dark. Squirrel goes home, knowing that he helped a friend. His friends go to sleep knowing that Squirrel will be just as squirrelly tomorrow, but loving him just the same. (author's description)


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image credit: Donna Dewhurst