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Calvin Coconut: Trouble Magnet & Surfer of the Century

These two books make for a great Bluebonnet Book Pair Up!
Take a look at the cover of both books. What do you notice?
Predict where you think the setting for these titles take place.
Which book is a fiction and which is a non-fiction book? Why do you think so?

cover.gif bookjackpub.jpg

Take a LOOK INSIDE Calvin Coconut
Author web site: Grahman Salisbury
Illustrator web site: Jacqueline Rogers

Terrific Kids Day interview : kids ask Grahman Salisbury questions about the characters in the book.

Trivia question:
Identify the specific islands Duke and Calvin lived on.
The first ECDC student from each grade level to correctly answer this question will win a Bluebonnet prize!
Post your answer as a reply in the discussion tab labeled
Hawaii Trivia.
You must list the title of the books with the correct page numbers.

map source:: Enchanted Learning

Watch: Calvin Coconut BOOK TRAILER


Author of Surfer of the Century: Ellie Crowe
Publisher web site: Lee & Low learn more about the author, illustrator and the legend of Duke.

Photo gallery of Duke Kahanamoku
Interview with Duke
(source: Youtube)



The setting for Surfer of the Century and Calvin Coconut: Trouble Magnet are both set in the state of Hawaiian.
The map below shows how Hawaii is really a series of islands.

map source:: Enchanted Learning

Duke Biographical info:
Duke Paoa Kahinu Mokoe Hulikohola Kahanamoku (August 24, 1890-January 22, 1968) has been regarded as the most important individual who popularized the sport of surfing.
Out of the Water, I am Nothing Duke biographical information on an award winning educational web blog.

Duke Kahanamoku bio info from Aloha and welcome to Waikiki web site GREAT photos

Kahanmoku Gallery-Site produced by Kahanamoku family with many great links
Kahanamoku Family biographical information about Duke compiled by his family. Chronological links.

Duke Bio from Honolulu government web site

Surf Museum Duke Kahanamoku Biographical info and really interesting site.

bluebonnet_clipart.gifSuggested Bluebonnet activities: Set up a Hawaiian themed setting including music, fabrics, travel posters, pineapples, hula skirts, ocean/beach themed books and other Hawaiian paraphernalia. These items can be purchased at a low cost from party supply stores or discount retailers in the summer months.Include a map of Hawaii with geographical and historical facts.

>Make a Hawaiian Flower Lei (Enchanted Learning)

>Invite a guest surfer (my school is in a beach area) to come and speak about surfing and the types of boards used. Have students learn the basic moves needed to get up on a board. Play beach music in the background.

>Types of Surfboards Learn about the different types of surfboards and see which is best for you.

Welcome to Murphy's Surfboard Shop!
Click on one of the PDFs shown below to choose your board.
Follow these easy directions to make a SURFBOARD BOOKMARK to share and discuss with your friends.

After learning about the different types of surfboards, have students choose between the longboard, shortboard, fish, or gun board bookmarks. Suggestion: on the front, draw images that represent something from Calvin Coconut: Trouble Magnet or Surfer of the Century. On the reverse side write a description of the setting or character trait descriptions of a favorite character.
What type of boards do Duke and Calvin ride to catch a wave?
Look at the covers of both books, what type of surfboard do you think are featured on each cover?
Use what you have learned about surfboards to guide your decision.

>View footage of surfing while playing beach music in the background

Trailer for RIDING GIANTS Watch surfers tackle up to 80' foot body crushing waves. Awesome footage.

Girl in the Curl- Watch surfer chick Stephanie Gilmore 2007 Women's World Surfing Champion

Watch: Big Surf video in Bali

Short video showing
kids surfing:

Duke surrounded by fellow surfers

source: Fritz Watson, the Surfing Heritage Foundation

>Read The Surfer's Journal Greg Noll's Scrapbook-dynamic surfing images, aka riding HUGE waves.

>Set up a "Surfing/ Hawaiian Photo Op" with a green/or blue screen background with kids "catching a wave" on a board. Using an image editing program to add in the background of a big curling wave. Create a travel postcard of the image.
true-hawaiian-words-aloha-mahalo-200X200.jpg>Listen to Hawaiian music and learn to Hula dance.

>Learn about Hawaiian words and ******Olelo, the Hawaiian language****.**
(source: Hawaiian Dictionary Online)
The Hawaiian alphabet:A, E, I, O, U, H, K, L, M, N, P, W,‘
The Hawaiian language or “
Hawaii” is one of the oldest living languages in the world.
Traditionally in the Hawaiian language, the “W” is pronounced like a “V.”
The word

would be pronounced “Ha-vhy-ee” instead of “Ha-why-ee.”

The Hawaiian alphabet consists of 13 letters – five vowels, seven consonants and the ‘okina,
which is called a "glottal stop" in the English language. An okina indicates a break in the sound when the word is spoken. Even though it doesn't look like a real letter, the okina is considered a letter because it takes up space in a word. Also, an okina that is missing can change the meaning of a word, for example: ulu = to grow, whereas ‘ulu = breadfruit.

Learn about the History of Pineapples and take a virtual tour of Dole's Pineapple Plantation.
Cut up and serve Hawaiian Pineapple Kabobs. Use the tops of fresh pineapples to Grow Your Own Pineapple. Observe its progress throughout the school year. (It takes time, but the plant is very interesting and quite exciting when you can get a pineapple to grow.
(Grow your own Texas pineapple photo credits: Julee Murphy, 2010)

Ms. Murphy's homegrown Texas pineapple
Ms. M's baby pineapple

Ms. Murphy's Baby Pineapple is born!

Date of birth: Sunday, September 6, 2010. It was delicious!

diagramWeaveFish_small.jpgTexas Bluebonnet book Literature connections-activities, books, kid friendly web sites:
(These are also available under the section: The Fantastic Undersea Life of Jacques Cousteau)

Ocean animals printables
Origami sea creatures activities
Origami Angel Fish
Quick and easy project: Weave a Fish

More about Duke
(YouTube videos are blocked by some school districts)

Duke Kahanamoku Feature Story on BITV (Big Island Television)

Short biopic with great bits of information including an interview with his niece, Joanne-Kahanamoku-Sterling.

Duke Kahanamoku Feature Story on BITV (Big Island Television)

Short biopic with great bits of information including an interview with his niece, Joanne-Kahanamoku-Sterling.