The Uglified Ducky by Willy Clafin /illustrated by James Stimson


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Author biography-Willy Claflin source: publisher August House Little Folk
"Once upon a time there was a little baby moose that blundered away from his baby moosie nest right down to the edge of the pond. And right there by the edge of the pond was a baby ducky nest..."

The Uglified Ducky is a new twist to the Hans Christian Andersen's tale of The Ugly Duckling as retold by Maynard Moose (aka author, Willy Claflin). Little baby moose Maynard has wandered away from his moose mother into a duck's nest where upon he soon believes himself to be a duck even though he looks nothing like his ducky siblings. Since mother duck accepts him as her baby duckling, why should he think otherwise? Clumsy Maynard stumbles and trips when he tries to waddle, sinks into the pond when learning to paddle, and since he cannot produce a proper "quack" he must instead carry a sign that says "quack". Poor little misfit Maynard feels like he has been born into the "wrong fambly." Will he ever become a normal ducky or does nature have a surprise in store for Maynard?
The Uglified Ducky is especially enjoyable to use as a read aloud book as it comes with a CD featuring Willy Clafin as Maynard Moose. There are many opportunities for children to join in the telling of the story as they "quack" "Gronk Arooo" along with the storyteller. (description by ms. M)

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